We Chat to Iago Garay About DYEDBro.

Iago Garay created a brand out of a need to keep his race bikes from getting battered week in, week out. We chatted to the man himself about DYEDBro.

Do You Even Drift Bro is now one of the most recognisable frame protection brands out there, but it came from a simple requirement to keep bikes from the everyday wear and tear a bike deals with. We chat with main man Iago Garay about DYEDBro.

What was the inspiration behind DYEDBro?

Believe it or not DYEDBro was created as a t- shirt brand, something one of my business partners, Fernando, and I did only for fun. At that time Fernando was making clear frame protectors for my bikes because all the infrastructure in his other company made it very easy. Travelling the world and throwing the bike on questionable shuttles was taking its toll on my frames, making it harder to sell those bikes at the end of the season.

One day I asked him if we could print stuff on those frame protectors and that’s how it all started. We basically made something because we wanted a product and couldn’t find it anywhere else.

Once you had made that decision, what happens next?

We started making a couple of designs and adapting the template. I was giving them out to all my friends and getting feedback from them. We started selling them online and for a year or so we had few sales but nothing big enough to even have a full time employee.

Things started getting bigger when we open the distribution channels and we started working with a couple distributors around the world and with a little bit of faith and a cash injection we were able to hire our first full time employee. Now we are a multicultural company based in Spain with people working from Scotland to California.

How did you learn what you needed to know to get this brand off the ground?

It was a mix of things. Fernando, one of my business partners, knew all you needed to know about vinyls, plastic and printing. He has been in that industry his whole life. So we had the product side covered. I have been marketing myself my whole life plus I have been able to work with some of the biggest brands in the MTB world, from whom I’ve tried to learn as much as possible, so I like to think I know a thing or two about marketing.

At that time we realized we did not know too much about the sales side of the bicycle industry. So we reached out to our friend Mariano Gon (SCB, Bike Comp, ORBEA and Ibis) and asked him if he could give us some advice. He did not only take the challenge of developing the brand with us, he became the 3rd partner of DYEDBro

What did you know you did and didn’t want to do with DYEDBro?

I wanted to create something unique that wasn’t out there. I wanted to make something that people wanted to use and have on their bikes.

How did you go about finding a place to get your product made?

That was the easiest part. Fernando had all the machines and supplies to make our product happen, so we were lucky enough to produce in-house from day 1.

Orbea Rise ebike

How do you narrow down what designs to go with?

I spend a lot of time traveling the world and I am always curious to what people like, not only in mountain biking but also in skateboard, snow sports or surf. I come up with ideas and forward them to our graphic designer who turns the ideas into reality.

We end up producing most of them since we have the ability to produce small numbers and we can stop if we see people aren’t buying it. So we basically let the end consumer decide which designs stay.

What are the challenges of offering custom designs?

It takes a lot of time to communicate with the client and make all the adjustments to have it looking the way they want it. Luckily we have a very good designer that always finds the way of creating what people want. After that we just need to find some room in the production chain to print the final product.

Favourite moments?

Anytime I see someone running one of our products. It makes me so happy seeing people out there that liked something we have created from scratch and put it on their bike.

                                                                    Photo by Pablo Yarnoz.

Any disasters?

There has been a few. Let’s say we found out the hard way that cheap ends up being expensive.

Anyone to thank?

I would like to thank anyone that has bought some of our products, to all DYEDBro distributors and retailers in the world, to all our vendors all my friends that started running and promoting them to all our present and past employees. Javier Zuniga, Olga, Mihai, Luis, Cristian, Noe, Javier Molina and especially my 2 business partners Fernando and Mariano.

You can check out everything DYEDBro related over on their website here.