Tested : Pete’s Hope Union TC Clip Pedal Review.

Hope launched their clipless pedal range at the tail end of last summer, and Pete’s spent the winter seeing what their Union TC pedals are made of.

Sat in the middle of the range, Hope’s Union TC pedal uses Hope’s proprietary engagement system an the same axle and internals as the F20 flats. Pete passes verdict on the pedals after half a year on the TCs.

Key features:

  • Dual mechanism
  • Dual sided
  • Fully CNC Machined pedal bodies
  • Stainless steel clips and cleats
  • 2 cleat options give
  • Replaceable pins for increased grip on Union TC (8 pins)
  • Q-Factor – 55mm
  • Three cartridge bearings and a norglide bush
  • Fully serviceable and re-buildable
  • Cr-Mo, heat treated and plated axle
  • Available in 6 colour options
  • 437g (pair)
  • £150.00 RRP
  • Hoptech.com

It’s been a long, wet winter with the Hope Union TCs with plenty of miles on the clock attached to a variety of different bikes and used with a variety of different shoes, regardless, they have been a reliable set of clip pedals for the duration.

Sitting somewhere between a Shimano and Crankbrothers engagement, they suited me down to the ground. You get the positive click of the engagement and reliability of the Shimano system with the ease of getting your foot in and out from almost any angle as well as the mud shedding capabilities of a Mallet E say.

The low stack height means I have rarely cracked them off terra firma, even on the rather low BB sported by the Stumpjumper EVO I have been running them on. Even where the pedals have met dirt, rock or root, they show few signs other than cosmetic of these interfaces. The cage around the pedal also gives enough space to hover a foot when you need to stay unclipped or when you can’t quite get your foot back in.

While the axle is quite stiff when new and you might use a few watts because of this, they bed in nicely without becoming floppy. Even now the axle system has held up well and there’s no play at all despite being subjected to a long, wet winter.

The engagement has remained positive from the outset, and both the number 4 and 5 cleats offer a decent amount of variation depending on what you’re after.

What do we think?

It’s hard to overstate just how good the Union TCs are without sounding hyperbolic. They suit my needs from a clip pedal engagement, have stayed the course and simply become a fit-and-forget pedal for me. They also backed up by Hope’s legendary customer service should you happen to have an issue.

We love:

  • Solid engagement from any angle
  • Reliable axle system
  • Decent platform
  • Low stack height

Could do better:

  • Axle is a bit stiff when new

You can check out the Hope Technology Union clipless pedal range on Hope’s website here.