OneUp Components Launch Their Third Generation Dropper Remote.

Purveyors of excellent aftermarket dropper remotes, OneUp Components have just launched their third generation offering.

The third generation OneUp dropper remote is designed to offer a lighter action than previous models as well as featuring a new replaceable thumb pad and integrated cable port.

OneUp Components’ new V3 dropper remote requires 27% less force to actuate the lever, creating a much lighter lever feel compared to the outgoing V2 offering. Thumb pads are now replaceable, allowing you to colour match them to your bike. The latest lever also features a dedicated cable port to keep things neat.

The V3 dropper remote is available as black alloy with either Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Turquoise pads; 22.2, MMX, I-Spec-II, I-Spec-EV clamps and comes in at 45g for the I-Spec-EV option. The remote costs £40.00 UK RRP with the clamps £12.50.

You can check out the OneUp Components V3 Dropper Remote on their website here.