Tested : Pete’s Hunt Mountain Trail Wide V2 Wheel Review.

Very much at the sharp end of well-priced alloy wheels, Hunt’s latest Trail Wide offering doesn’t disappoint in the performance stakes either.

While the bike world went carbon rim mad over the last few years, Hunt have quietly gone about perfecting the sensibly-priced, high performance alloy wheels, and their Trail Wide V2 offering keeps up that tradition.

Photos by Pete Scullion.

Key features:

  • 29″ and 27.5″
  • 6-bolt or Centrelock
  • 6069 T6 rims
  • 30mm internal width
  • Boost (29er, 27.5 and Mullet), Superboost (29er), non-Boost (27.5)
  • Triple-butted 28h spokes
  • 7075-T6 axles
  • Tubeless ready
  • 1831g
  • £339.00 RRP
  • HuntBikeWheels.com

In a world where carbon fibre rims are seen as the holy grail of how to get the most out of wheel performance, Hunt have decided that it simply isn’t the case, as the Trail Wide V2s have proven time and again.

If you look at the numbers alone, you might well be lured into thinking that they’re jut another sensibly-priced set of alloy wheels aimed at filling in the gap between hand built wheels and an expensive set of factory build numbers.

In reality, there’s little negative to say about the Trail Wides. They really are the real deal. Managing to achieve that mystical balance of weight, stiffness, comfort and reliability in a package that should cost you far more than the £339.00 asking price.

I used these to upgrade the stock alloy wheels on a number of trail bikes on test and the difference all-round was immediately noticeable. Obviously, I didn’t put them on any of the super gravity sleds I have been testing of late as they’re simply not designed for that, you’d want Enduro Wides for that kind of activity.

On the trail, freehub engagement is solid without being super quick and has a very nice, positive click when freewheeling. 30mm internal diameter is spot on for a wheel of this type and gives the tyre a decent profile that’s neither too square nor too rounded. Ride quality is excellent, smoothing out the worst trail vibrations whilst not being sloppy in the turns.

Bearing life throughout has been excellent, without the slightest hint of roughness on either the main body or freehub bearings. Spare spokes are always welcome even if they weren’t needed, and the spoke tool is well thought out as well.

When running slightly too light a tyre and low pressures, the rear rim did take a ding or two but nothing that lost true or let any wind escape. Nothing a set of pliers couldn’t straighten and away we went.

What do we think?

A genuine upgrade over most stock alloy wheels without asking too much of your wallet. You’re going to struggle to find the same balance of performance, weight, reliability and cost elsewhere without having to compromise on one of these. Usually cost.

Genuinely hard to get across just how good these are without resorting to lazy hyperbole…

We love:

  • Amazing value
  • Great ride feel
  • Lasts forever

Could do better:

  • We can’t think of anything

You can check out the Hunt Trail Wide V2 wheels on their website here.