The Commencal/100% Team is No More.

Nine years of Commencal/100% have come to a close with some serious steeze and maximum attack from some legendary riders.

You only have to look at the rider list for the Commencal/100% team to see just how much of a heavy-hitting setup they brought to the World Cup downhill scene.

Some of them have gone onto much bigger and better things after the handy upward shove from Commencal/100%. We’re looking at you Reece and Amaury especially.


  • Thomas Estaque, France: 9 years (2014—2022)
  • Amaury Pierron, France: 3 years (2015—2017)
  • Théotim Trabac, France: 2 years (2016—2017)
  • Reece Wilson, UK: 1 year (2018)
  • Bruce Klein, USA: 2 years (2018—2019)
  • Antoine Rogge, France: 1 year (2019)
  • Hugo Frixtalon, France: 4 years (2019—2022)
  • Greg Williamson, UK: 3 years (2020—2022)
  • Mille Johnset, Norway: 1 year (2022)
  • Angel Suarez, Spain: 1 year (2022)