Rockshox Reprise the Vivid Downhill Shock.

The Rockshox Vivid returns to the rear shock line up as an air unit only after a long hiatus, aimed squarely at downhill, enduro and ebikes.

Following swiftly after the launch of the new BoXXer fork, Rockshox have released it’s running mate, the new Vivid air shock. Five shocks make up the range, with only two available aftermarket, the Ultimate and Ultimate DH.

Whilst there’s plenty of interesting things going on with the new Vivid air shock from Rockshox, arguably key to the excitement is their new TouchDown damper that is position sensitive to perform better at different points in the travel.

In order to maximise the suppleness in the opening portion of the travel, TouchDown bypasses the main piston compression, the next 70% travel is on the main piston and the final 20% runs with the new adjustable hydraulic bottom out. All this combined with a larger air can to make the shock run more linear, as well as the ability to run air volume spacers means this is a very highly tuneable shock.

On top of this, Rockshox claim they’ve doubled the time needed between service intervals from 50 to 100 hours, meaning you should be able to ride heaps longer before you need to replace the lube and seals within.

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High and low speed compression adjust, as well as 20-click rebound adjust is available on the Vivid Ultimate and Ultimate DH. The main difference between these two shocks being the lack of the Threshold switch on the DH, essentially a climb switch. These two sit atop the range and are the only two available aftermarket currently. Shocks that will come on complete bikes are the Vivid Select+, Vivid Select and Vivid, all with adjustability options reducing as you go down the range.

As ever, you can purchase upgrade kits, including a reservoir upgrade to make your lower-tier shock closer to an Ultimate, as well as bearing kits to replace the bushes. Service kits are also available if you’ve got the skills to service your own shock.

The Vivid Ultimate and Vivi Ultimate DH will set you back between £749.00 and £799.00 depending on what length shock you go for.

You can check out the new Rockshox Vivid shock over on their website here.