Trash Free Trails Release Preview of Their State of Our Trails Report.

Ahead of it’s full release later in the year, Trash Free Trails have released a preview of their State of Our Trails Report for 2023.

Take a sneak peek at the amazing work Trash Free Trails have done in 2023, with over 200,000 items of litter removed and over 11,000km of trails cleaned.

Photo by Pete Scullion.

With 89.1% of items reported to the State of Our Trails Report being single-use products, Trash Free Trails are filling in the blanks on the picture of terrestrial pollution.

The State of Our Trails Report is a ‘one of a kind’ study into the causes, prevalence and impacts of single-use pollution on trail ecosystems’. (Trash Free Trails, 2023)

Heralded as the first study outlining the consequences of our littering problem, today Trash Free Trails release a preview of this year’s Report, showcasing plainly some of their most shocking statistics.

Alongside recording the removal of 216,466 individual items of terrestrial pollution by volunteers, the State of Our Trails Report Preview begins to exemplify the profound impact litter is having on fauna. Over 30% of recorded items showcased interactions with animals, with ⅔ of these resulting in death. (TFT, 2023)

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Lucoazade was named the most common branded item found amongst litter recorded. The State of Our Trails Report is the only single-use pollution survey that conducts brand audits, showcasing the vital work Trash Free Trails are doing to ensure the responsibility they hold is not overlooked.

Rachel Coleman, Communications Manager at Trash Free Trails said “Our auditing of branded drinks containers isn’t to play the blame game. We never use blame, shame, guilt or aggression as a tactic in our work. Instead we’re seeking to create as much transparency as possible about the nature of terrestrial pollution; it’s not about who’s to blame, but rather who can be responsible for enabling change”.

The Report Preview also highlights Trash Free Trails’ unique research in nature connection, showcasing the benefits of time spent on trail cleans and litter picks. Over 80% of individuals who participated in TFT clean ups felt more connected to their local trails, showcasing the immense benefit of positive action on wellbeing.

The release of the Report preview includes an Interactive Map on the Trash Free Trails website, where individuals can look at the makeup of terrestrial pollution in their local area.

The full State of Our Trails Report will be released this November, and include further detail on TFT’s findings, as well as recommendations to policy makers, business and communities.

You can check out the Trash Free Trails State of Our Trails Report Preview here.