The Full List of 2024 UCI Teams Has Been Released.

With the team lists usually being launched at the end of January, we take a peek into the more interesting line ups not yet announced.

After an off-season of rumours that seemed to start way back in August, the UCI Team list for 2024 shines a light on the some as-yet unannounced team rosters.

We pick out some of the highlights from the list, some of which have yet to be announced, so… spoiler alert. You can check out the full UCI Team List here.

Photo by Bartek Wolinski.

Danny Hart to Continental Nukeproof

The Redcar Rocket looks to be stepping into the spot left when Ronan Dunne departed for Mondraker. 2023 was likely a year to forget by his own high standards. Will we see Danny back on the box in 2024 like he was in 2022? Let’s hope so.

He joins Chris Cumming, Vero Widmann and Harry Molloy.

Brook MacDonald to Forbidden Synthesis

Brook MacDonald joins Aussie pinner Connor Fearon, Magnus Manson, Williams Hynes, Pope and Ireland aboard the Forbidden Synthesis Team.

Will we see The Bulldog back barking in 2024? Here’s hoping.

Syndicate to stick with three riders

As The GOAT sailed for Norco shores, the Santa Cruz Syndicate opt not to keep it a for rider team, sticking with Nina Hoffmann, Jackson Goldstone and Laurie Greenland. Even with all that experience gone, expect big things from these three.

Wyn Masters on The Gravity Cartel – Rogue Racing

The Gravity Cartel – Rogue Racing announced that they were teaming up with GT for 2024, and as a result, it’s not entirely surprising to see Wyn Masters slot into the line up, despite being surrounded by fast Italians, including the likes of Davide Palazzari and Davide Capello.

Emily Carrick-Anderson and Sacha Earnest to Join Trek Factory Racing Gravity

With Kade Edwards taking a step back from full time World Cup racing, Trek Factory Racing Gravity have welcomed two new young guns in the form of Emily Carrick-Anderson and Sacha Earnest.

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Sacha Eanest was one of the three Kiwis to grace the Junior Women’s podium at Fort William World Champs, whilst Emily Carrick-Anderson is one of Tracy Moseley’s understudies and is a dab hand at anything bike-related.

Aimi Kenyon to Unior-Sinter Factory Racing

With Pinkbike Racing going the way of the Dodo, one of Scotland’s brightest stars makes the jump to Unior-Sinter for 2024.

She joins Oli Clark and Ben Zwar for the coming season.

Mark Wallace to We Are One Momentum Project

One of the riders that made room for a tall South African, Mark Wallace is the sole rider aboard We Are One’s latest racing setup, the Momentum Project.

Brayton, Parton, Edmondson and others on BNC Racing

Adam Brayton is the elder statesman on BNC Racing that features Mikayla Parton, Jamie Edmondson, Jono Jones, Daniel Parfitt, Lewis Carr, Sorley Swabey and Morgan Williams.

Whether this is a homogenous team of riders all on similar kit or not isn’t yet known.

Aaron Gwin Missing from the 2024 UCI Team List…

There is no sign of a very fast Californian in the UCI Team list. Not a whiff.

Has he finally given up bikes to go race trophy trucks? Is he too busy expanding his bike park, or looking for a team to buy into?

No Nukeproof SRAM

Kelan Grant has recently announced that he’s riding for Rotwild but the lack of Nukeproof SRAM is bad omen for the man, the myth, the legend that is Sam Hill, no less Elliott Heap and Corey Watson. Hopefully they get added onto the list soon enough.

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