Privateer Launch Their Second Gen 141 and 161 Bikes.

Three years after their first launched the 141 and 161 offerings into the World, Privateer release their difficult second album.

Rather than simply tweak what they already had, Privateer’s second generation 141 and 161 bikes feature a fully revamped geometry and kinematic.

Privateer have launched their second generation 141 and 161 bikes, featuring their A-L-P (Aligned Linear Progression) Suspension, as well as adjustable rear centre, size-specific chainstays, modern geometry and some big old bearings.

Suspension-wise, Privateer stick with the Horst Link layout after looking at all the various platform options as it offered the balance between kinematic performance, balance and predictable ride feel that they were looking for.

High leverage ratio offers supple opening travel, with the linear progression offering a predictable ramp through the travel. Anti-rise has been tuned to keep the bike from diving under braking whilst offering braking traction, whilst anti-squat is consistent through the gears for predictability. Privateer have kept the anti-squat high in the harder gears for those out of the saddle sprint moments, rather than the usual tail off that most brands go for.

A flip chip means you can run either full 29″ or MX wheels, and Privateer will even ship you the wheel option plus a tyre with the bike if you pre-order your Gen 2 bike before April 30th, meaning you can give both options a whirl. You can also adjust the rear centre by +10mm with a flip chip too. Size-specific chainstays keep the bikes balanced plus you get an 80 degree seat tube angle on the 161.

Frames come with full double sealed 42mm Enduro Max bearings for longevity, all in single-sided pivot hardware, the forged rocker is stiffer and the precision bearing seats are designed to extend bearing life too. External routing, extensive frame protection and large bottles on all sizes completes the set.

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Both bikes will come as a frame or single model complete bike. The 141 frame is £1,899.00 with the complete bike at £4,289.00. The 161 frame is £1,979 with the complete bike at £4,379.00.


Privateer 141

The Privateer 141 is available in sizes P1 to P4.

Reach on the P2 is 465mm with a seat tube of 410mm. Head angle is 64.5 degrees with a 78.5 degree effective seat tube angle. Chainstays on the P2 in the standard setting are 437 or 440mm for MX and 29″ respectively. Wheelbases are 1235 and 1237mm for MX and 29″ respectively in the standard setting.

Privateer 161

Like the 141, sizes for the 161 are in P1-4.

Reach on the P2 is 470mm with a seat tube of 410mm. Head angle is 64 degrees with an effective seat tube angle of 80 degrees. Chainstays are 440 and 443mm in standard for MX and 29″, with wheelbase at 1254 and 1256mm respectively.

Privateer Gen 2 complete bikes

Privateer 141 Gen 2

Key features:

  • Fox 36 Performance Elite 150mm fork
  • Fox Float X Performance Elite shock
  • SRAM GX Eagle 12-speed drive
  • Hayes Dominion A4 brakes
  • HUNT Enduro Wide V2 wheels
  • OneUp V2 dropper
  • £4,289.00 RRP

Privateer 161 Gen 2

Key features:

  • Fox 38 Performance Elite 170mm fork
  • Fox Float X2 Performance Elite shock
  • Shimano SLX/XT 12-speed drive
  • Hayes Dominion A4 brakes
  • HUNT Enduro Wide V2 wheels
  • OneUp V2 dropper
  • £4,379.00 RRP

You can check out the Privateer Gen 2 bikes over on their website here.