Trash Free Trails’ Announce New ‘Community Hubs’ Offering for UK Bike Shops.

Trash Free Trails have launched their latest initiative to bring your local bike shop closer to their community with their ‘Community Hub’ offering.

Trash Free Trails are inviting UK Bike Shops to become ‘TFT Community Hubs’ to help protect local trails in their quest to remove single use pollution in the process.

Environmental not-for-profit Trash Free Trails launch new programme, TFT Community Hubs, enabling UK bike stores to bring together local trail users, supported by The North Face and Hydro Flask.

Supported by The North Face and Hydro Flask’s Parks For All Fund, TFT Community Hubs will see bike shops, cafes, outdoor centres, Trail Associations and more provided with resources, kit and support to host their own trail clean events and rally the local community around protecting local nature.

Trash Free Trails have already galvanised thousands of people across the country to protect their local trails by removing items of Single-Use Pollution (litter). Over the last three years over 5000 km of recreational trails have been cleared of pollution, but now

Trash Free Trails are keen to enable community leaders to bring their mission to their local area.

“The TFT Community Hubs programme is totally unique.” explains the programme Coordinator, Leigh Rose, “Instead of trying to tackle the issue of Single-Use Pollution in one universal way, we’re empowering and supporting local community leaders to find solutions that work for them and the communities they’re part of.”

The programme is funded by the Trash Free Trails Strategic Partners The North Face and the European Outdoor Conservation Association. In addition the programme has been funded by the Hydro Flask Parks For All Program, which supports non-profit organisations focused on building, maintaining, restoring, and providing more equitable access to parks, as well as working towards making the world a better place through its goal to help eliminate single-use plastic. For Hydro Flask, parks represent a place we can all go to recreate, relax, or be inspired.

The programme is free to join, with all Hubs receiving a bespoke kit to support their trail clean activations. Community Hubs will be supported by Trash Free Trails ambassadors to host activations, and engage individuals and groups in their community who are rarely reached by similar programmes. Trash Free Trails believe the programme will not only be good for the trails, but for local businesses too.

“By becoming a TFT Community Hub, bike stores are not only showcasing their passion for the places we ride, but their place at the heart of their community as well.” shares TFT CEO Dom Ferris, “We’re excited to already have almost a hundred Community Hubs signed up, many of the bike shops who are passionate about people-powered action to protect our trails.”

Learn more about the programme on the Trash Free Trails website here.