Watch ‘Kelly’ Here.

After the UK premiere went down last night ‘Kelly’ is now available to watch in all its glory over on Komoot’s Youtube channel.

‘Kelly’ follows Kelly-Jayne Collinge’s navigation of becoming a mother and motherhood, and how the cycling world wasn’t and still isn’t in many ways, inclusive of those becoming mothers.

In her own inimitable fashion, Kelly may well have paved the way and shows just how good riding bikes and being a mother simultaneously can be.

Read the full launch release below.

“KELLY” charts the struggles & triumphs our amazing ambassador Kelly Jayne Collinge has faced in the industry, before, during and after giving birth to her son Atlas. It also covers how things are changing for the better…

We hosted the official premier last night at a cosy wine bar, filled with fresh curry, cold drinks, inspiring films, clothing displays and a live podcast with a brilliant panel. Absolute vibes.

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Anna & Matt of The Hideaway in Sheffield were the best hosts ever for the event. They run The Bhaji Shop, so know a thing or three about catering an event with a fantastic menu. Everyone was treated to curry, rice, riata, samosas and bhajis. If you’re in town on a Thursday or Friday and want a drink + snack at the best re-purposed cutlery factory you’re going to find, call in to 61 Eyre Lane. Zero regrets.

We had some help with the launch of this incredible project. Komoot has been a godsend from planning routes used in the filming to helping us hire the space and now hosting the final project. Also Velocio apparrel has garbed Kelly in the best technical kit for riding bikes. They brought a huge box-load of clothes for guests to try on – although I don’t know if anyone gave the string vest a try? For real though, their Trail Access Jacket and pant combo are top notch if you’re looking for some new riding swag. Use the code KELLY2024 for 20% off too, you lucky things!

The icing on the cake was a panel discussion hosted by Aoife Glass of the award winning Spindrift podcast. Her guests were varied, exciting and inspiring but we’ll save that for another newsletter when the episode is launched, but needless to say the audience were rapt and the discussion was in equal parts motivational and entertaining.

Without running the risk of this turning into some sort of oscars acceptance speech, I want to thank Kelly & Liam for their time and talent in bringing this story to fruition. I’m insanely proud of the work they put in and I hope the message spreads. This is a big unashamed request to forward this email to anyone outside of our sphere that you think would enjoy this film. It’s an important one.

You can keep tabs on Kelly’s adventures on her Instagram page here.