Santa Cruz Syndicate Welcome OneUp Components.

The Santa Cruz Syndicate will be pointing their bikes and keeping their chains on with the help of OneUp Components for 2024.

To celebrate their new partnership with Santa Cruz Syndicate, OneUp are launching athlete posters to help decorate your walls like we used to as kids.

OneUp x Syndicate

OneUp is super proud to be the official cockpit sponsor of the Santa Cruz Syndicate. Jackson Goldstone, Laurie Greenland and Nina Hoffmann will be racing World Cup downhill on OneUp handlebars, direct mount stems and chainguides for 2024 and beyond.

Athlete Posters

We grew up with posters of our favourite riders taped to our bedroom walls. Having the Syndicate on OneUp makes us feel like kids again and we want to share that stoke with the next generation. To do it, we challenged the athletes to create their own poster. They had one day to shoot with legendary freeride photographer Sterling Lorence while they were in Queenstown, NZ for preseason training.

The posters are proudly pasted on the walls of the OneUp office. We hope that groms, and grown-up groms, around the world will pin these up and get inspired to get out on a ride.

Boost Bro

Jackson Goldstone was born and raised in Squamish, OneUp’s hometown. Jackson lives less than five minutes from OneUp HQ and he’s already becoming a regular visitor. It’s really special to finally have him riding for us.

For his poster, Jackson wanted to shoot a moto whip on the big hip on Dream Track at Skyline Bike Park. He wanted to capture a specific moment where his bike was vertical just before snapping it back and dropping into the landing.

“I’ve been working on this trick for a few years now to get it how I want it to look. My best description of it is a moto themed turn up whip. Similar to what most of the freestyle moto guys do but it’s a lot harder since I don’t have a motor to bring it back.”Jackson Goldstone

The Hoff

Nina Hoffmann started riding mountain bikes in 2015. In 2023, she finished second overall in the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup. She also holds a master’s degree in psychology, studying the effects of hypnotism on mountain bike athlete performance in a race scenario. Nina does not mess around.

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Nina wanted to make a statement with her poster and show that she’s more than just a racer. She learned no-handers for the shoot and chose a ridgeline jump at Cardrona Bike Park that

she’d never even hit before. It was impressive how quickly Nina got comfortable with the jump and settled into perfecting her trick as the clock ticked on golden hour light.

“Doing a no-hander that size, I wouldn’t have been at this point if I hadn’t agreed to do this shot, because I just learned it. I guess sometimes you just have to put the pressure on. That’s why I wanted to do this.”Nina Hoffmann


Laurie Greenland has swagger. The Bristol kid’s demeanor is so naturally chill and laid back that you’d hardly imagine he’s made a career from all-out speed. But behind the easy smile is a true competitor. On the downhill bike, Laurie’s drive to win hides behind effortless style.

For his poster, Loz was after something a bit different. He wanted to capture the feeling of flat out downhill riding with a speedway inspired pan-shot drift. Laurie’s work ethic was clear on shoot day. He pushed up the gravel track for hours in the blasting sun to get his shot.

“I wanted to do a real fast flat turn. Like a foot-out drift, pan shot turn. It always looks cool, a pan shot with the green trees blurred in the background with some lighter coloured dusty road to separate it. I kind of wanted it to feel hectic.”Laurie Greenland

Get Your Poster

We made these posters because we want people to be as excited about bikes as we are.

There are five ways to get your poster:

  • Download the high res print file at
  • Pickup Issue #15.2 of Freehub Magazine, on sale May 14 (poster inside)
  • Order a OneUp Aluminum handlebar from April 15 to June 15 (free poster included) *Canada, US and International stores
  • Visit the Syndicate pit at World Cups this season
  • Visit select OneUp dealers worldwide

Head over to the OneUp Components to get your poster and some other goodies here.