Michelin Launch Updated DH16 and DH22 Tyres.

Two tyres that are steeped in World Cup and downhill lore, the infamous DH16 and DH22, are back in revised form for 2024.

Michelin have updated everything about their downhill line with the relaunch of the DH16 and DH22 tyres. The French tyre giants claim these are the fastest, lightest and grippiest downhill tyres they’ve ever made.

A 55/120tpi dual-ply casing with a double woven nylon ply forms the basis of all of the new Michelin DH tyre range. A new Magic-X compound works better from lower temperatures whilst also improving rolling resistance by a claimed 19%. All downhill tyres are now offered in a folding bead too.

The new DH16 is aimed at being a hard conditions tyre being the most compact tread pattern and having more rubber in contact with terra firma. It will be the fastest rolling tyre in the new downhill offering. There are shades of the original Comp 16 pattern here.

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For soft and mixed conditions is where the DH22 comes in, with the tread blocks lowered and stiffened, whilst the shoulder tread is more rounded for a more predictable breakaway point when cornering. There are shades of another tyre here, any guesses?

Both tyres are available in 27.5 and 29″ in a 2.4″ width only, at £79.99 each.

You can check out the new Michelin DH tyre range over on their website here.