bucs-thumbBit of a mental weekend at the UK Bikepark this weekend with Rich Thomas coming away with the win (1:23:70) from Jack Reading in second (1:24:76) and Will Soffe in third (1:26:46). Last year's winner Chris Hutchens struggled with mechanical all weekend, hurt his thumb in bulldog on Saturday night and came 5th.

3390795420_1474ab1a44Milki and Mono are out in sunny Spain with DHspain.com. They're railing dusty trails, snapping photos and shooting a tonne of video. They're under strict orders to document the whole shebang on the website and to put together a banger of a repo for Wideopen#10. Here's update #1 of the Spanish Adventure...

thumb-5871Well Milky has gone to bed after being up all night showing the Spanish ladies a thing or two, disappearing from the face of the Earth to get a pizza (although I wasn't aware of any pizza establishments that were open at 6am this morning) and so I thought I'd update you on what has been "going down" today in DHSpain HQ in Malaga.
thumb-cock-1-of-1Hello my pretties. Today we finally did what we came over here originally to do which is bang out some photos and videos of naked men on bikes. That's right, you did read that correctly; just check out this photo of Rob Deacon riding on location in Malaga:

thumb-5871Bitches. Today was what most people would call the low point of their holiday. For some, it's breaking their leg whilst sunbathing, for others it's the day of rain on an otherwise sunny week and for the really unlucky ones who have a totally shit holiday it's the point where they pass out after too much absinth and wake up with a gnarly black cock up their bum. Today was our black cock in the bum day.

thumb-cock-1-of-1Well today was our last day in Spain and didn't we make the most of it! I really don't have anything funny to say - it was just mint. We started by getting up at 11 even though we agreed to get up at 8. Then we went to pick up Scouser John from the local Cafe and ate bacon and egg butties and soon enough we were "on the road again" out towards the first track we went to: "Fonz's track" to do some filming. After 20 minutes of mangina, pubic hair and Rob getting his giblet out yet again and chasing after his brother when we were supposed to be getting some interviews done we finally got a bit of riding footage done.
midgebastardsHaving hooked up with Mono yesterday and the rest of the WideopenMag Media Circus this morning we've spent the day watching the downhill practice session, while Mono and Paul started filming for FootOutFlatOut 2. As expected no one was pushing it this morning but the pace picked up a bit this afternoon. There's an interesting new diverision in the woods which has cut in quite nicely but it could easily become messy if the rain comes. The rest of the track is pretty much the same with the exception of a couple of corners thanks to some wide taping.
Keeping it Jeyboy! I bailled from the Scottish Champs this weekend (what? Glencoe scares me ok!) and headed for the No Fuss, 10 at Kirroughtree event instead. After 10 Under the Ben I wasn't going to be going solo again, and after a last minute injury from one of the Edinburgh Uni CC riders opened up a place in the mixed pair category, I grabbed my bike and headed south.

Just got word that our Scottish correspondent and team rider Pete 'wee man' Scullion has taken a hit.

Wee Pete was riding through the mean streets of Edinburgh and was cruelly cut down in his prime by some ned in a white van. The police are on the scene and Pete is off to hospital for an op on his finger which is currently Z shaped. Get well soon buddy!

Read more for a wee montage of photos I've found of Pete when he wasn't bust up...

Sunday 17th of January saw the first official uplift day at Simply Downhill's new venue Nant Gwrtheyrn in North west Wales.

Our mate Wayne went along to put together a quick repo of the day with some info on the track and what's coming up this season.


Round 2 of the Irish Winter Series went down last weekend at Cloon - with Wideopen's Irish race reporter Dan Sheridan taking the junior #1 spot once again. Check out Dan's mini-repo of the race here and look out for a full repo in Wideopen issue 12. Click click...
The racing season is now fully underway with the first of the 'summer' series kicking off at Bringewood. The Pearce team once again put on a brilliant event. Wideopen team rider Wayne Appleby went down to race and brought us back this report. Read more for the full results and a rundown of the weekend!
The No Fuss Endurance Downhill event is now in its third year and is becoming a right of passage for anyone who thinks they can ride DH. You've seen the video (below) now read on to see what happened when the Scottish contingency of Wideopen hit "the toughest downhill race in Britain".