Longtermer: Superstar update to the BFe

We shared our thoughts of 6 months on the Cotic BFe in Issue 16 (see below). The build (see Issue 15) was deliberately selected with a mix of second hand older parts and new parts at the budget end of the spectrum to show that you can build yourself a custom hardtail with a lot of character and whole bunch of fun for less than you might think.

However, those that have followed this route themselves will know, upgrades are continually made as you wear out parts or just find yourself with a bit of spare cash.

Neil at Superstar has kindly loaned us a set of his custom built wheels – the possibility of dropping a couple of lbs off the BFe build was too much of an opportunity not to miss – so with a chat with Cy at Cotic we’re holding on to the BFe for the winter to see how a lighter build can breathe new life into an old friend.

First look: Superstar custom wheelset

We’ll cover these properly in Issue 17 but for now here are the vital statistics. Over the Voltage wheelset we were running you’re saving nearly 2lbs in weight. The quality of the hand build looks fantastic, and the rear hub with it’s 120 pawl ratchet sounds like no hub I’ve ever heard before!

Custom Wheelset Generator – Pair of Wheels

  • Superstar Switch EVO Front Hub
  • Superstar Trizoid Enduro QR AM/DH Rear Hub
  • Stans Crest Disc Black Rims
  • Black Double Butted SAPIM Race Spokes

RRP £328.99


Longtermer: Cotic BFe

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First look: Cotic BFe build


First look: Voltage rims / Switch hubs