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Looking for mountain bike fitness coaches in the UK?

In a recent article, Team Wideopenmag’s Chris Hutchens advised you guys to get a mountain bike fitness coach if you want to improve your results. Sure, you can teach yourself how to train and work away at it … but if you’re really serious you’ll need a helping hand from a pro.

Most mountain bike fitness coaches will prefer to train you in person but almost all of the guys in our list work remotely with riders all over Europe. Typically they’ll meet you in person first of all, set up a training plan for you and then help you with it by email or over the phone.

We’d recommend making that initial face to face meeting – it makes a huge difference to your training down the line and helps your new coach really understand what you’re all about.

Good luck!

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Here’s a few mountain bike fitness coaches from the UK that can help you reach your goals. Some we’ve used, some we haven’t.


> Blue Steel Conditioning Based in Sheffield and keeping things pretty low key online. They claim they are “Preparing Steel City Mountain Bikers to get rad through ninja training”.

> Bike Life Coaching.  Run by Charlie Evans and based in Macclesfield. Charlie has spent 20 years racing and spent 8 years working at British Cycling developing coaching qualifications, before starting his own training business.

DNA Sports Performance Run by Nicholas Jones, based in Greater Manchester. Nicholas boasts that 1 in 15 of the GB athletes at London 2012 were trained by his hand. His mountain bike clients include Jack Reading and the One Vision race team.

> E3Coach. E3Coach is run by Jon Fearne and based in Salisbury. Jon and crew work with over 30 MTB athletes across all disciplines, including Steve Day (World single speed 24hr Champ) and many more.

> Fitness4Bikes. Run by Sam Brown and founded in 2015 Fitness4Bikes trains all sorts of two wheeled athletes from BMX’ers to MTB’ers to MX’ers. Sam has been a personal trainer since 2012 and has a degree in Strength and Conditioning. They’re based in Gloucester.

> Get Off the Road Coaching. Based in Rochdale and founded by Dave Lawson in 2011, Get Off the Road coaching aims to help riders of all levels. Dave has plans to launch an online store, release video edits and to stay “at the forefront of coaching and performance”.

High Rise Coaching Run by Andy Casson and James Scott who share 26 years of riding and coaching experience between them. Highrise say that their approach is “progressive, dynamic and friendly and will focus on achieving your riding goals”.

> My Life PT Run by Andy Wadsworth from BW Cycles in Bristol. Andy has a massive track record of success with Danny Hart and Laurie Greenland on his client list. My Life PT is Wideopen tried and tested.

> MTB Strength Factory Another one from Bristol. Ben Plenge runs MTB Strength Factory from his gym in South Bristol and has a fast growing, fast riding client base including Team Wideopenmag. Ben has some great PDF downloads on his site including his nutrition plan for mountain biking or body weight strength programme. We work with Ben loads here at Wideopen with really good results. MTB Strength Factory is Wideopen tried and tested.

MXFitness Alan Milway “fitness coach to the stars” Alan Milway is the original big time British mountain bike coach and has a list of champions on his books as long as his arm. Athertons? Manon Carpenter? Tracy Moseley? Danny Hart? All have coached with Mr Milway. If you can get on his books he’ll give you a programme that’s made World Champions. MX Fitness is Wideopen tried and tested.

Peak Performance Rugby. They’re based in Rugby and they train Rugby players. But also cyclists. PPR  have their own strength and conditioning gym and offer training and injury rehab services.

> Torq Fitness. Based in Powys. Torq’s “fitness consultancy” sits alongside their nutrition range and “specialises in educating and advising athletes on how to train and fuel properly”. Torq offer coaching at their HQ in Powys and can also train riders remotely. They were founded by a mountain bike coach but work with riders of all disciplines and all levels.

> Rise MTB Fitness. Based in the Forest of Dean, Rise Mountain Bike Fitness is “a highly experienced  rehabilitation and high-performance conditioning practitioner; with a specialty in post-crash rehab”. Adrian (aka Rise) has already had loads of success with Katy Curd and offers assessment, training plans, nutrition advice, rehab and injury prevention plans and MTB psychology programmes.


Dirt School Run by Rab Wardell, Chris Ball and co. Dirt School are based up in Scotland and helped Pete survive Epic Israel. Dirt School offer fitness and skills coaching and also have the Dirt School App that lets you send footage of yourself to the coaches for analysis. Dirt School is Wideopen tried and tested.


We don’t know any … do you?


We don’t know any … do you?

Rest of the World

Point1 Athletic Based out in Morzine, Irishman Chris Kilmurray trains the Transition Factory Team (former FMD team) and the Chain Reaction Cycles boys. Give his blog a look for some great recipe suggestions!

If you’re set on going it solo and planning out your own training (we can’t all afford coaches right?) British Cycling have some great training resources on their site here including a section on getting started with structured training and useful section on recovery. It’s definitely worth giving MTBStrengthFactory’s Body Weight Strength Programme a look.

Are you a Mountain bike fitness coach?

Give us a shout and let us know and we’ll add you to this list. You can speak to us via our contact page.