sneak peak: Swinley Forest Freeride Area

Swinley Forest. Easy to overlook as “too flat”, “too tame”, “too southern” right? Well, the TrailTeam Swinley are beavering away to create some genuinely meaty jumps and drops just two minutes from Swinley Bike Hub. 

We got a sneak look at the new Swinley Freeride Area today and we’re seriously impressed.

swinley forest mountain bike freeride area
A nice big, sandy Swinley berm

There’s one big line with 4 meaty gaps that will push riders looking for a bit more than the blue and the red trails they’ve seen up to now at Swinley. Every jump has a gap to clear, needs a fair whack of speed and is aimed at intermediate riders looking to step up a gear. The best part is that all of the jumps are nicely progressive – nothing is pro-level and all of the lips look mellow and safe and are met by big, wide landings. Think step-down at Ae Forest size. We reckon that it will add a whole extra element to rival Aston Hill, Woburn, Tidworth etc.

Alongside the big line is a really fun looking tight, twisty mini-jump line. It features some smaller (but still challenging) gaps with some super tight, deep berms. The lines are much more technical and will challenge your cornering as well as your balls!

The new features aren’t finished yet and are still chained off. The volunteers are busily tweaking them to perfection ready for a summer opening. Watch this space.

This one is a whopper!
And a nice doable but chunky step down

In the mean time, should you give Swinley Forest a blast?

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Yeah, definitely. It’s not a big monster of a hill and it’s definitely a surfaced trail centre but it has some fast, smooth, fun trails that will reward a bit of pedalling with loads of flow and some awesome corners.

Keep your eyes open (or ask a local) and you’ll find some really fun off-piste natural trails that will make your trip worth while.  It’s definitely worth a go in the winter when your usual natural trails are bogged out.

Don’t forget to stop in to the Swinley Bike Hub shop which have some great kit and a demo fleet.

Swinley Forest is near Bracknell in Berkshire. It’s ten minutes from the M4 and M3 motorways. 

The postcode for Swinley Bike Hub is RG127QW.