First Look: Kask Rex Helmet.

Kask might well be a fairly unknown quantity when it comes to mountain bike helmets … but look to the road and you will likely have seen their name on the heads of the pro peloton by way of Team Sky.

Our web editor Pete has just taken delivery of the Kask Rex helmet. The Rex sits at one extreme end of Kask’s range as their most aggressive mountain bike helmet. A good range of head coverage, adjustability and light weight should see this Italian-made helmet deliver the goods.Kask Rex Light Blue Kask Helmets Team Sky

What’s the Rex all about?

The Kask Rex is the Italian brand’s take on the modern, full coverage half-face helmet. Ignoring the peak for a second, the helmet runs low on the brow at the front, covers around the ear and most of the back of your head. Unless you fall on your face and chin, this lid should take the brunt of any head-ground interfaces. The Rex comes in at £150.00 RRP.

Sizing is broad, despite only offering two sizes. Going by the weight of the M (52-58cm) and L (59-62cm), the difference between the two is the cradle inside the helmet, rather than the shell itself. Weight is impressive for this kind of helmet though, at 330g for the large and 310g for the medium, making it not worlds apart from the Giro Fathom offering that I tested in Israel last autumn. The Giro was altogether a more racy and less ‘Enduro’ offering than the Rex, making the Italian’s weight really impressive.

The Rex comes in four colours. Light blue as seen here, as well as white red and lime.

Kask Rex Light Blue Kask Helmets Team Sky

Knobs and dials.

Adjustment is another big selling point on the Rex. Some might find it counter-intuitive to have to release the rubberised cam wheel every time you put the helmet on or off, but this is in order to keep the fore/aft and lateral adjustment locked to suit. Whether this will prove frustrating in practice, only time will tell. We do like the fact that you won’t simply be adjusting the helmet to make it easy to get on and off, mind. This should ensure a solid, snug fit while out and about.

Hope you're well sir. Can you confirm RRP for the Rex lid please? I have a couple of other questions too. GoPro mount. Has this been designed in any way to break off in a crash? I read somewhere that Schumacher's skiing crash and resulting injuries had been (whether true or not) attributed to the GoPro he had on his helmet acting as an anchor and not breaking away. Also, is the shell the same for both sizes with a different cradle? The Kask site lists the weight as the same for both.

Devil is in the detail. 

While there certainly is a lot of promise to this helmet, many of these things are the basics of a modern helmet. Lots of brands make very good helmets and it’s a very competitive market. This is the first of many half face helmets I’ve ever had that came with a bag. Granted I may well never use it, but it’s a nice touch if you want to look after your pride and joy.

The GoPro mount is integrated and has an easily detachable plastic blanking plate fitted.

A rather nice touch is the ‘eco-leather’ anallergic and washable chin strap. This goes hand in hand with the anti-bacterial and anti-microbial treated liner pads.

Look out for Pete’s full review in the coming months. Head to Kask’s homepage for more Italian-crafted lids or check out our previous helmet reviews here.