Cycling Ireland to officially recognise Enduro


Great news for Irish Enduro pilots.

Cycling Ireland announced today that they’ll officially ‘adopt’ Enduro mountain biking as a discipline, and include it in their rules.

Whilst this might sound fairly underwhelming, it’s actually a bit of a big deal.

Mountain bike formats (downhill, 4X, enduro etc) can happily exist without their national cycling body’s support, as enduro does here in the UK at the moment. But – the sanction of the national body allows for an official national champs, the credibility of being ‘official’ and for a set of proper rules that all race organisers can follow. It also allows nice things like series points or a national series. That makes races more consistent, more professional and most likely safer and better organised. In turn that (hopefully!) means more investment in the sport, more riders, more growth.

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Good job to Cycling Ireland for taking a grown up, progressive view on enduro. Here’s hoping it might give British Cycling a nudge to sit up and take note …

You can view the draft rules here.

The rules are due to be officially ratified by the Board of Cycling Ireland. Anyone with queries are invited to comment, via [email protected]. Queries should be submitted by Wednesday 30th November.