Uplift Scotland closes after 14 years and seeks new operator

Sad news for Scottish downhill mountain biking as Uplift Scotland closes shop.

As announced on Facebook today, Uplift Scotland will no longer run the uplift service at Ae Forest and Innerleithen.

Run by David “Tally” Tallontire Uplift Scotland has been whisking mountain bikers uphills for the last 14 years. They have most recently run the official uplift at Ae Forest and Innerleithen and have been a huge force in the Scottish mountain bike scene and in building young talented Scottish riders.

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The situation has come about as a result of Tally looking to spend more time with his family and choosing to sell the Uplift Scotland business.

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The Forestry Commission (with Tally’s help) are now looking for a replacement and interested parties can email for more information. An official Forestry Commission tender announcement for the uplift at Innerleithen and Ae Forest will be made in the near future with info on how to submit a tender application.

Tally told us that he is looking forward to offering prospective buyer’s any advice that they need and has been helping the Forestry Commission find a suitable replacement. He’ll now focus on his family, his trail building business and on starting his own frame building company called Talon Cycles.

Anyone looking for more information on the tender of the Uplift Service can email dumfries&[email protected]

For info on the sale of Uplift Scotland please email [email protected]

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