Graeme Mudd waves goodbye to Trek Factory Racing

Transfer season is in full swing and the latest press release is from Trek Factory Racing (aka Atherton Racing) to announce the departure of Graeme “Muddy” Mudd.

“The Christmas festivities at TFRDH are tinged with sadness this week as we bid a fond farewell to our favourite Aussie and 2017 team-mate Graeme Mudd” say Atherton Racing.

In a rags to riches style story, Australian DH racer Muddy was brought on to Trek Factory Racing after a strong start to his career as a privateer. He upped and moved from Oz over to the UK, set up camp with the Athertons and raced a full season of World Cups as well as some British DH Series events and Hardline.

The results didn’t quite come together though and a highest place of 40th at World Cup obviously wasn’t enough to seal the deal on a renewed contract.

Muddy is quoted as saying “These guys did so much for me this year. At the beginning of 2017 I said it was a dream come true and that stands, I’ve had a fantastic time and learnt a lot but for all kinds of reasons things just didn’t line up in terms of results. It was rad racing this year in a team environment, sharing the experience

There’s no sign of where he’ll move to or whether he’ll be replaced … but we’re sure the team rumour mill will start grinding double speed now there’s a spot up for grabs on Trek Factory Racing!

Answers on a postcard…


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