We just popped up to Raleigh in Nottingham to check out the brand new Lapierre collection.

2019 sees new hardtails from Lapierre and totally redesigned Spicy, Zesty and eSpicy ebikes. Here’s a quick look at what the new range has on offer. Enjoy!

Lapierre Edge AM 827+ hardtail.

The Edge hardtails aren’t new to Lapierre but are redesigned for the new collection. Half of the line up are low-end budget bikes but the higher spec bikes look fast and fun.

The Edge AM 827+ is the top dog in the range and is designed around plus tyres and a 120mm fork. It has a 66.5° head angle, 74° seat angle and costs just £100 with a RockShox Recon fork, 1x Shimano XT groupset and a stealth LP dropper post.

For the money, it looks like an absolute cracker. If it’s still outside of your budget the Lapierre Edge 727 and 627 models are £900 and £750 and both also come with dropper posts and 1x gearing

The new Lapierre Spicy

The one you’re probably more interested in is the 2019 Lapierre Spicy, which gets a complete redesign over the old model.

The Spicy is available in 27.5 and 29″ wheels with the 27’er coming with 170mm travel and the 29’er with 160mm travel. There’s carbon and alloy versions available

The Spicy is the big dog, big mountain, big racing bike in the new range and comes fitted with a coil shock and various long travel fork options from Rockshox and SRAM.

The bike also comes with a neat little space under the down tube that’s covered up with a clip on plastic cover. It’s a modest space but designed for stashing essential spares, tools and bits and bobs. Think Specialized Swat, albeit a little less elegant.

And the Lapierre eZesty AM

The Lapierre Zesty sits alongside the Spicy as a shorter travel and slightly more agile alternative.

Merida OneSixtyMerida OneSixty

The eagled eyed of you will notice how similar the two frames look, and yep, both bikes actually share the same frame for 2019.

The Zesty, like the Spicy, comes in alloy and carbon versions and 27.5″ and 29″ wheel sizes. There’s 150mm travel on the 27.5″ version and 140mm on the 29’er.

Again, just like the Spicy, there’s built in storage under the down tube.

How fit?

The 2019 Lapierre range uses what they’re calling FIT. That is, they choose the bits that go on the bike based on the frame size.

Small frames are only available in 27.5″, mediums are available in 27.5″ and 29″ and large and extra large come with 29″ wheels only. The various sizes also mix up bar, stem and grip sizes too.

If you want to change your wheel size or go outside of what Lapierre prescribe, you can run either size wheel in either frame with a flip-chip (and some suspension swapping).

And yep, an eBike! The Lapierre eZesty AM LTD Ultimate eMTB.

TheLapierre eZesty AM LTD Ultimate eMTB is the top eBike in the new range with 150mm travel, a Fazua Evation motor, Fox 36 fork and NX Eagle drivetrain.

The big innovation here is the Intube battery which weighs just 3KG. The battery and the motor can be completely removed and once they’re out Lapierre claim the bike will ride just like a normal leg-powered bike. Great for anyone looking to hit up some park laps on the chair lift or fly with their bike.

The new range should appear on the Lapierre website any day now at Lapierre-bikes.co.uk


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