Tested : Ben’s 7iDP Project Knee Pad Review.

At over a hundred pounds, 7iDP’s Project Knee Pad certainly aren’t what you’d call cheap, but they do come loaded with features to protect your hinges.

Ben has been giving 7iPD’s pricey Project knee pads a run through the test machine to see if they live up to the price tag.

Photos by Dave Price.

Key features:

  • CE EN 1621-1:2012 rated
  • Knitted compression sleeve
  • Micro inject outer protection
  • Centre strap system
  • £119.99 RRP
  • 7idp.co.uk

The Project Knee is the highest spec pad that protection specialists 7iDP make, balancing light weight, breathability and armour in a sleek and modern looking package.

The main body of the pad is made from a knitted, compressions fit material and is secured with a double velcro strap at the thigh. The double strap is designed to spread the load evenly compared to a conventional, single strap design. These pads look great in their understated grey/blue colour scheme, but some riders will be wishing for a black pad that goes with any other riding kit.

Protection is provided by a padded area that extends slightly round the side of the knee and then topped off with a ‘micro inject’ panel on the front that protects the body from abrasions and the knee from pointy rocks and other impacts.

The main feature that makes these different to most pads that I have tested is the amount of coverage they provide. These are long pads and at 5’10” with normal length legs the medium pads extend quite far down my shins, with the top of the pads actually sitting under the silicon gripper of my chamois under shorts. If you have short, stocky legs then I expect these will simply be too long for you, but for taller riders they will provide a great deal of coverage whilst avoiding the dreaded thigh-gap.

On a hot ride, all pads are sweaty, but these did feel a bit cooler than other full-protection pads thanks to the knitted material and cut away rear section at the back of the knee. On that note the cut away does let some mud and grit in on wet rides with shorts. Having said that I always seem to wear riding pants in the wet these days anyway.

Thanks to the Velcro straps, large surface area and silicon grippers these pads were never going to move an inch and they felt super secure on every ride.

What do we think?

The 7iDP Project Knee does a great job of blending protection and comfort in a package that is at home on all day rides or doing laps of the bike park.

We love:

  • Aesthetics and design
  • High levels of protection

Could Do Better:

  • Not great for shorter riders with big legs

You can check out the 7iDP Project Knee Pads on their website here.