And Your Fastest Red Bull Hardline Qualifier Is…

The first timed runs have gone down on Dan Atherton’s masterpiece in the Dyfi Forest with qualifying day kicking off at 2022 Red Bull Hardline.

Bernard Kerr showed that once again he is the king of Red Bull Hardline with a qualifying win despite rumours of a broken hand.

Gas to Flat himself clearly found a good downslope just two seconds back in second. It was then Jackson Goldstone who would round out the top three.

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Major props to Gee Atherton to slotted himself neatly into 7th. Everyone who rode today regardless of position will get a chance to race tomorrow.

Photo by Nathan Hughes.
QualificationNameQualification TimeRider Number
1Bernard KERR2:22.2251
2Adam BRAYTON2:25.6093
3Jackson GOLDSTONE2:27.63423
4Charlie HATTON2:29.49716
5Jim MONRO2:30.1178
6Joe SMITH2:31.12814
7Gee ATHERTON2:32.34924
8Sam GALE2:33.9456
9Thibault LALY2:35.85211
10Théo ERLANGSEN2:37.6625
11Harry MOLLOY2:37.67921
12Craig EVANS2:38.5889
13Taylor VERNON2:39.69719
14Rónán DUNNE2:40.08017
15Gaetan VIGÉ2:41.04212
16Chris CUMMING2:42.70727
17Vincent TUPIN2:45.93213
18Matt HOCKENHULL2:52.23010
19David MCMILLAN2:57.78829
20Florent PAYETDNF30
23Matteo IniguezDNS2