A UCI Document Indicates that 2024 Will See an Enduro World Championships.

The UCI 2024 Major Mountain Bike Event Pre-Calendar suggests that the schedule will include an Enduro World Championships somewhere in Europe.

If the document is indeed correct, then 2024 will see the first Enduro World Champions crowned. Dates are currently 17th-18th August 2024 with the venue listed as ‘Europe’, which leads to a number of possibilities.

As there’s not been a Enduro World Cup or Series held in Andorra, it’s unlikely that they’ll triple stack the race in Vallnord, although stranger things have happened.

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Our guesses would either be a follow-up champs in the Tweed Valley to really hammer the Scottish World Champs home after the UCI Cycling Worlds next week, or a return to the spiritual home of enduro, Finale Ligure.

You can check out the UCI 2024 Major Mountain Bike Event Pre-Calendar here.

Photo courtesy of ESO.