Roval Release All-New Traverse Wheel Range.

Having launched their control series earlier in the year, Roval have now updated their Traverse offering for the more gravity-orientated rider.

Two carbon rim and one alloy rimmed Traverse wheelset are now on offer, with the heart of the wheels being either the venerable DT Swiss 240 or 350 hubs.

The Roval Traverse SL II are the lightweight trail wheelset, with a lighter weight carbon rim compared to the Traverse HD which will handle the rigours of top flight enduro racing, whilst the alloy Traverse wheels aim to offer plenty of performance in a less expensive package.

Sh*t Happens Policy

Beyond simply offering three new wheelsets, is the aftersales backup for wheels sold on complete bikes or aftermarket. Not only do all Roval wheels come with a lifetime warranty, but they also now come with a 2 year ‘S*it Happens’ No Fault Crash Replacement. If you damage your Roval wheels while riding within the first two years of ownership and it’s not covered under warranty, Roval still replace or repair to keep you wheels rolling.

Roval Traverse SL II

The new Roval Traverse SL II is Roval’s lightest trail wheelset ever at 1645g per pair in its DT 240 hub offering. Rim layups are front and rear specific, with the new carbon fibre numbers giving up to 15% front and 25% rear rims strength. The rear rim is also 21% more vertically compliant to better track the ground. The rim offset is designed to even out the forces on all spokes, to keep the wheel straighter and stronger for longer.

The new Flat Top bead requires 85% more force to pinch flat. A new Roval ThreadBed Valve threads directly into the rim itself, aiming to reduce the need for compression nuts, whilst alos improving inflation and reducing sealant clogs. The rims are 28 hole, laced to either a DT Swiss 240 EXP or 350 Star Ratchet with 36 teeth (engagement at 10 degrees). Max system weight limit is 125kg.

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Price for the Traverse SL II wheels are £2,000 with the DT Swiss 240 hub and £1,525 with the DT 350 hub and are available in 29″ only.

Roval Traverse HD

The Traverse HD wheels are essentially the SLs beefed up for more aggressive use. You still get 28h carbon rims laced to either DT 240 or 350 hubs but the rim profile has changed to create the strongest carbon wheels Roval have made to date. It’s not all about strength though, there’s built in compliance to help you hold a line when you need to.

Available in 27.5″ or 29″, tipping the scales at 1706g with valves and tape, they’re hardly heavy. You get the same Flat Top bead and Roval ThreadBed Valve as in the SLs. Pricing is identical as the SL IIs, at £2,000 with the DT Swiss 240 hub and £1,525 with the DT 350 hub.

Roval Traverse Alloy

It’s probably best to think of the Traverse Alloy wheels as the little brother to the Traverse HDs. Designed for more aggressive use, the 6031 shot peened rim helps create Roval’s strongest alloy wheel to date. You get the same offset to manage spoke tension and strength, a 30mm inner profile, 28 hole rims on DT Swiss 350 hubs. The Traverse Alloys don’t come with the Flat Top bead but are designed to dent inward to assist in keeping the tyre inflated. All this will set you back £760.

You can check out the new Roval Traverse wheel range over on their website here.