The Spanish Adventure… Part 1


Right so Thursday night me (Milki) and Mono went to Brizol airport, flight was at 7am so sat in the airport trying to sleep and not getting a wink!


But that’s as bad as it gets. Got on the plane (delayed thanks to some mechanical issue ), got to spain, got off the plane, got picked up by Rob and Tom Deacon from, taken right to where we where staying, got all at home, built the bikes up and then spent the whole afternoon (2 till 7pm) riding and got 10 runs in on a great track that was loose, a foot deep in dust and fast as you like. Such a great start to what I think is going to be a good week. Harry Heath is here as well so I have lots of pinners to keep my camera happy.

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Anyway off down the town for a few drinks now, lazy morning tomoz then off for loads more riding at the Sram test track I think….