Euro Tripping – Todtnau

Todtnau wasn’t a place I’d heard of before a friend suggested we go there, but I was so glad he knew about because the place is pretty cool.

There aren’t many tracks here, just one called ‘Downhill’ and another called ‘Wildride’, but the Downhill track is really well put together and loads of fun, with well built corners and thought out routes, plus a few jumps and drops that link the track up well. It’s let down in the middle section by a flat rooty section, but it can be forgiven as what’s before and after it are so good.

Headcam footage of the ‘Downhill’ track featuring Jerremy Busch.

We met up with local rider Jerremy Büsch who was really friendly and showed us all his lines and was a willing participant for the headcam footage.

Jerremy Busch
Jerremy Busch

The Wildride track is pretty basic and easy. On the first run down I was far from impressed, however, hit at speed the second time meant clearing the jumps and made it a lot more fun. Nowhere near as good as the downhill track, but it’s good to mix it up a bit.

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Currently, they don’t have a day pass here, you have to buy tickets in bundles which is a shame, as if you’re there for the day it makes it fairly expensive.

Free falling roller coaster next to 'Wildride'

There’s also a bizzare free falling roller coaster thing here which goes from the top of the chair lift all the way to the bottom. Reportedly it’s loads of fun, but after we’d finished riding it was almost closing time and there was still an hour’s queue for it – show’s how good it is I suppose.

Practical Information

Day Pass: 10 runs = €37
Notes: The wearing of back, knee and elbow body armour and full face helmet is compulsory

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