the Wideopenmag end of season party round up (hosted by Monster…!)

So yeah – bloody hell – almost a week since it happened. The hangover has passed, the club has recovered and the realisation is kicking in that we only went and pulled off the mother of all end of season parties!

The Wideopenmag end of season party went down in Bristol last Saturday night and was fueled by our buddies at Monster Energy.

The day was a double trouble celebration of a long season of awesome riding and racing mountain bikes. It was our little way of saying thanks to all of you for making the season what is what and for all of the hard work that’s gone down on the hills, on the bikes and behind the cameras.

By day, we hosted the DMR Pumptrack Challenge at the brand new Brunel Way Pumptrack. By night, we held a big old knees up at the Warehouse Club with DJ’s, prizes, booze, dancing, drinking, shouting, drinking and drinking.

I’m not going to recant every in and out of the party because – let’s face it – no one likes hearing other people’s drunken stories but let’s just say it was a hell of a load of fun, it was messy, it was loud, it was funny and it was (we reckon) pretty much a total success.  We drank the bar dry, we destroyed the sound system, Sam Pilgrim got so drunk he thought he could DJ, poor Tom Grundy wasn’t wearing his helmet and ended up in A&E with a bumped head, Monster’s bar tab got destroyed and not a single prize came home un-claimed – I think we even managed to tear a bit bits of Peaty (his card board, life sized cut out anyway!).

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So thanks to all of you for coming down, thanks to DJ’s Cheeba, Lumen and Delf for their amazing performances, thanks to Bristol City Council and Chris Roberts and co for the race, thanks to Five Ten and Nukeproof for the prizes and thanks, thanks, THANKS to Monster Energy for generally being awesome dudes, believing in our mad capped plan and making it happen!

Remember – you’ve got till tomorrow night to upload your photos from the party to our facebook. The wildest photo wins the Nukeproof Snap frame!