The Chicksands Whackjob WhackJam video

This is such a good idea from our friends over at Whack Job…

Why just shoot one rider with one photographer or videoguy? Why not make a day of it, invite down loads of riders, loads of media guys and create one great big edit, combining everyone’s talent?

Sure it’s a hell of a challenge to edit a vid like that – but we think it works. Looks like it was an awesome day of riding and shooting.

Not heard of Whackjob? We hadn’t either until very recently… Joel, Jan and the kids (the Whackjob family) are on a mission to make very comfortable, very good quality and very nicely made riding clothes that are made out of bamboo and natural cotton.

This bamboo/cotton blend dries really quick, it doesn’t hold sweat and it’s really comfy making it perfect for riding. It also doesn’t do grotty things to the planet like synthetic materials or treated cottons sometimes can. All good stuff basically.

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They’re doing things right by sponsoring a handful of UK riders and getting down to the UK races to support the scene. We’ve got a few samples of their teeshirts and a prototype of their new riding jersey and we’re super impressed so far. Bamboo is awesome. Look out for more from them in our next issue.

Check out the Whackjam site here.