Wideopenmag World Cups – Fort William Day 1

It’s Wednesday night and we’ve landed in Fort William!

Roberts and me trucked up this morning from Bristol and have hooked up with Shakey Lakey and Wideopenmag 4x’er Keeny ready for the action to start tomorrow.

We stopped past the pits today to catch up with the Bernard Kerr Fun Buss today and hear tales of life on the road and the perils of partying with hen do’s on the ferry…

The big playaz by far today were the SRAM guys who’s truck was bigger than Tim Lake and Paul Roberts combined…

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Ben Reid living the dream.

Awesome Intense pits

Yep… you can probably tell there’s not much going on today…. It all kicks off tomorrow. Stay tuned to Wideopenmag…

I’ll leave you with Tim lake and his new friend from Fort William high street … they reckon they know who’s gonna take the win on Sunday!