The tenth new season in Morzine

Here we are at Riders Retreat in Morzine once more. The tenth season we’ve opened our doors here in fact. The first season we started I remember being excited at the prospect of a whole season out here and what seemed like an endless summer. Despite now having ridden many places in this World I still find myself giddy with excitement as the season starts, although I know now that three months just isn’t long enough in this part of the World. Maybe one day they’ll let me ride my bike here for longer.

Pleney corners
Riding the Myst completely stock on Pleney. Even like this the bike is well up to the job in hand.

So, what’s new!? Kind of not a lot. But at the same time there has been a conspicuous amount of work done on existing tracks. A little tweak here, a new line there and it’s all riding really well.

Les Gets corner
Will railing a berm in Les Gets on his almost stock Saracen Myst. Just a few extra Hope parts on there.

The trail maintenance crews have been spotted more regularly too meaning the tracks ride better for longer. Don’t for a second think that means no braking bumps though, they’ll always be wherever there is a high volume of riders.

Whip in Les Get
Getting it styled up in the jump park in Les Gets

There’s a new track running directly under the Super Morzine Telecabine. It’s pretty wet and rutted at the top, but does improve the further down you go. At the time of writing it could still do with a bit of love, but do give it a go as it’s far better than riding down the road.

Digging the new track on Super Morzine
Digging the new track on Super Morzine. Could still do with some TLC but a good ride.

There’s also a new black run over in Morgins with some nice big step downs and jumps on it and lots of well built corners. The area here is still one of the best in the PDS and maintained really well, so make the effort to get there.

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Corners in Morgins
Perfect corners in Morgins. Make the effort to get over here, you wont regret it

Chatel has a new lift, with a shiny 6 man lift replacing the rather decrepit 2 man lift at the top. The bike carrying mechanism takes some mastering, but does the job. Again, the area has received many a tweak and new bits, but as yet no new tracks. However, I think I did spot a digger and spades in the woods, so perhaps watch this space.

Happy days on Pleney
Happy days hanging out on Le Pleney taking some pics and vids

One thing that is definitely new is my bike. I’m riding the 2012 Saracen Myst. At first as off the shelf stock and now with Fox 40’s and a smattering of Hope Parts. I love riding this thing more than anything I’ve had before. Stay tuned for a full on review soon. The 2011 Saracen Ariel has received the same Hope treatment and this unbelievable bike just got better.

Saracen Myst and Ariel
The new Saracen Myst and Ariel in their full custom Hope glory

Before I ramble on too long I will sign off. It’s hot and sunny here. I hear it’s not so much in the UK. Get yourself out here then right??

Written by: Paul Thomas @ with additional photos by Mark Smedley (