Women’s Wednesday #8 Interview and Weekly Roundup

I can’t believe we’ve been doing women’s Wednesday for eight weeks already, in that time we’ve spoken to various ladies like Jess Greaves and Tahnee Seagrave as well as riders from all disciplines and girls with many talents. All of them share a great love of bikes, and have shown that women aren’t all that different from the guys when it comes to riding, we all do it for the same reasons. This week we talk to Megan Wherry, a 13 year old rider who’s talent has been spotted by Katy Curd. From BMX to Downhill, Megan has been pushing hard and get podiums from the age of 7. At 13 she has a lot of talent, Katy said: “At only 13 she is a great rider already pushing her way on to elite 4X podiums and also getting pretty handy at DH as well.” We find out more about Megan and what she hopes to achieve in years to come, watch this space!

meg pold jump

1. Who are you?

Megan Wherry, National 4x Youth Champion 2013, 5 times Regional/South west BMX Champion. I have been racing bikes since I was 7, racing BMX regionally and nationally. My Club, One and All Youth academy introduced me to MTB last year and in 2013 I entered my first Downhill at Tavistock and managed 4th. I raced the series and managed 3 podiums giving me the overall win. This summer I also raced some Downhill at the Forest of Dean where I again managed a podium. I have been racing for Dirt Bike Supply, a team for BMX and 4x and through this was encouraged to try 4x at Redhill. Putting my BMX gates and sprints together with DH skills I found I did really well. My first race I was drawn against Champion Katy Curd but was pleased to finish in 2nd behind Katy and end the day on the podium. I couldn’t wait for the next round at Bridgnorth which was also to host the National Championships. In this event due to youth female support we had our own category this I managed to win and become National Female Youth Champion.

This was the best weekend of my racing career so far along with the title/champs jersey, Katy Curd offered me support in my future racing with coaching and a loan of a 4x bike. I now want to improve my riding so that I can become a better mtb racer.

meg katy champs

2. What to do you ride, bike (s) and discipline (s)?

I ride a GT and FTB in BMX, A Rose Bruce 4x and a Lappiere DH soon to change to a Rose.

3. What do you hope to achieve with your riding?

I want to become a better 4X and DH rider, race and win at the BDS / World cup.

4. You’ve been getting coaching from Katy Curd, how would you say that its helped you?

Being coached by Katy has given me a lot more confidence and belief in my riding. I now try and achieve things I would never of attempted.

meg fod pod

5. Do you wish that young girls would get support similar to the guys?

Yes I do but I think more girls should get into racing then the categories will become stronger and the teams will encourage and support female riders.

6. What’s your dream bike?

I am very lucky now have my dream 4X bike, I love the Rose, I feel so happy riding it. I hope to have a Rose DH soon and then I will have the dream pair.

7. Do you currently do any training, or hope to in the future?

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I have a regular training plan which I fit around my school work mainly keeping me fit and riding as much as possible.

megan unity

8. Are there any female riders you look up to?

Easy really, since seeing Katy riding I have admired how fast and smooth she rides her bike over any track or trail. Rachel Atherton is also an amazing rider, I would love to be that confident in DH.

9. If you could ride anywhere in the World, where would it be?

I don’t know why but I would love to ride in Canada or Australia.

10. What are your plans for 2014?

In 2014 I will race a full 4X series and do my best to retain my National Champs jersey. I am going to enter more DH events improving my riding and meeting more girls in the sport.


The 661 Mini Downhill winter series is upon us! This weekend, the first round of the winter series will be held in the Forest of Dean. There are currently 20 women entered, and for the first time organiser, Chris Roberts will be running categories for the women. Ladies can now enter the Pro-am category, or an open category when racing. There will also be a track walk with Katy Curd on the Saturday to give women extra support and confidence going into the race on Sunday. The times for the track walk will be announced on the mini downhill page on Facebook. Entry for the race is upon until Friday evening, and there are around 25 spaces left. Enter here

First Annual Hooper Hooner – Results:

1. Wendy Merrifield

2. Megan Wherry

3. Rachel Dyson

4. Elizabeth Smales-Cresswell

Video Of The Week:

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