Wideopen Women’s Wednesday: Emma Whitaker interview & Weekly Roundup

If there’s something that means a lot of me it’s pushing for more coverage of women’s mountain biking, not just racing, the whole package. I’ve encountered so many amazing women in the sport and there’s no easy way to define a mountain biker, we all come from different walks of life to share the same passion. I’ve heard opinions from both sides and although I understand why things work in a certain way, there’s no reason why women of all abilities shouldn’t receive coverage, if there’s one thing that’s going to get more ladies on bikes, it’s seen other women kicking ass and having a good time.

This week we chat to Emma Whitaker, a small Yorkshire lass with big ambition, you may have seen her at races or watched one of her edits, either way we find out more about her, filming and what the future has in store.

Who are you?

I am Emma Whitaker (with one t) a tiny Yorkshire lass.


You used to race a lot more than you do now, is there any reason behind this?

I guess I stopped because I injured myself pretty bad over the season and then I realised I wasn’t actually having much fun racing anymore, so took a break from it this year to just enjoy riding with my mates.

When and how did Emma Whitaker Vision start?

Through someone saying I could go somewhere with it to me setting up a page and then taking more pictures and making films to setting up Facebook page in September 2014.


What would you say has been your favourite project so far?

My favourite project so far had to of been the girls video I did at fort William. One because the Fort William atmosphere is amazing- not only did I have crazy fun filming but also being there and then editing it afterwards was a reminder of it all. Definitely want to do more stuff like this.


Why do you think there aren’t more female photographers and videographers in MTB?

Thing is, I genuinely have no idea- there are so many girls out there that I know shoot etc. but I just have no idea why some of them never get pretty big.

You’re currently studying Adventure Media at University of Cumbria, what do you hope to do once you’ve finished?

Hopefully pass my degree! I hope to be a pretty awesome film-maker as well as having some pretty awesome achievements under my belt by then. I don’t just want to film bikes. I’d like to make travel, climbing, anything in the outdoors films really. As long as I’m outdoors in some hills with a camera I’m happy!


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What would you like to see more of in the MTB media?

Girls. Like I’m doing with spin. How many World Cup videos do you see that are just women?
Showcase the women by women doing it would be pretty rad if you ask me.


What do you like to get up to when you’re not riding or studying?

Erm, sleeping, climbing or eating.

If you could work with anyone for an edit, who would it be and what would you do?

In all honesty myself. My company and their input into it all. It’d be amazing to be my own boss.
I think it’d be something involving a tonne of adventure sports. (That’s all I’m saying!)

What have you got planned for the rest of 2014?

At the moment I’m just at home enjoying summer and working. I am racing at national champs soon. And then I’ll be off to Chatel again for some fun. And then back to uni for more adventures. And whatever pops up along the way I’ll happily take. I’m not one for turning things down!

Check out Emma’s Facebook page, and watch her films here!


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7 239 Hannah ESCOTT 3rd-B
8 327 Terri-Anne GALE 4th-B
9 9 Abi WHERRY



Diva Descent holiday out in Malaga by Emma Whitaker


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