Are you the next Team Wideopenmag enduro rider?

Team Wideopenmag is recruiting.

We want a UK based enduro rider that can represent Wideopen at the UK Gravity Enduro Series, contribute content to the magazine and website and help spread our name.

We want someone that is:

  • UK based and focused on racing the full UK Gravity Enduro Series and other regional events
  • Capable of solid results, ideally top 5 at UK national events
  • In Under18 men – but we’ll also consider elite men or elite women if the right person comes up
  • ‘on the up’ – getting faster and fitter and determined to work towards being a better rider
  • Capable of providing regular content for the website, magazine and social media, to tight deadlines. You won’t need to be a journalist, but you will need to do a bit of writing.

Who are you?

You’re a young, fast, fit and determined rider that is excited about your career as a racer and the future of enduro. You’re getting faster, you’ve got your eyes set on the podium and a career racing bikes and you just need a bit of help getting there.

You’re not a diva, you’re not a primadonna. You don’t mind working hard, riding in the rain, fixing your own bike, putting in the miles behind the wheel or spending a bit of money. You don’t need your bum wiped for you – but you do need some help getting the equipment you need to race and someone who can give you some advice, a bit of mentoring, who can help introduce you to the world and make some noise about how rad you are. You understand why finding WiFi on race night is important and you update Instagram at about the same rate as you change your socks.

What can we offer?

That depends on you. We have a amazing line up of sponsors that are able to provide some stunning products that will make you a better and faster racer.  We want to give you a great year of racing … and a great building block onwards in your racing career

We can also offer support with media coverage, race mentoring and advice and lots of opportunities to promote your name and help build your career as a racer. You will also ride alongside Mark Scott, our elite enduro rider which means loads of potential to learn from his experience. .

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Let’s talk

Email us with your CV to [email protected]

Include race results, previous media work and a short line with your plans for 2015. Include links to your social media profiles. Oh – and make sure you proof read it please!

Need some help? Read this and this and (if you’ve got a bit of time) this.

Good luck – we’re excited to hear from you!

Thanks to Matt Wragg, Jacob Gibbins and Ian Linton for the images.