Sad news as Caersws closes its doors

We’re gutted to hear the news that the classic mid-wales downhill and enduro tracks at Caersws have closed.

The closure was announced this evening on Caersws’ facebook group by land owner Ian Jones, claiming that “Business cost have gone through the roof”.



Caersws was first raced in in 2004 as part of the Midlands Super Series (race report here over on Descent World) – Marc Beaumont was on the Royal Orange team and took the win, beating Jonny Brain and Jonny Cheetham. A young gun Sam Dale won juvenile, beating Josh Bryceland (also on Royal!). Interestingly, looking at the results, a foreign rider has never won at Caerwsws … despite it hosting loads of high profile national races. Caersws hosted its first national the same year which was won by Gee Atherton, 2nd and 3rd to Dan Athy and Stanny. Land owner Ian actually stumped up the prize money for the winners – what a bloody hero.

The tracks have been around since the dark ages of British downhill, built and maintained by local riders – not least local hero Rich “Bobalong” Jones. They were always notoriously fast, technical and fun … playing a huge part in building the wealth of talent that Mid Wales and the Midlands produced over the years.

We’ve been racing at Caersws for years and have hundreds of great memories of its tracks. Loads of us here at the mag grew up racing at Caersws, we’ve visited loads for NPS and BDS races, been there digging, uplifting, video’ing and photo’ing, we’ve got drunk there, crashed there … it’s a huge part of British mountain bike racing. It’s a real shame to see it close. Hopefully it won’t be forever.

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Thanks to everyone at Caersws for all the great times and great memories. Here’s just a few of them:

Anyone remember the days when it still had trees?


Or when Al Bond smoked the field and took the BDS overall title as a privateer?

Or when Rich Thomas knocked himself out and couldn’t remember his name? (it was funnier at the time than it probably sounds).

Or all the dust..? Somehow Caersws just managed to ride like South of Spain after a few days of dry weather. Amazing

And of course years and years of British National Racing … from the old school:

To the newer school (and the important question Josh had to ask …):

And – of course – years of good times, with good people. You’ll be missed Caersws!