Myriam Nicole crashes out at Fort William British Downhill Series

Myriam Nicole British Downhill Series

Myriam Nicole was at this weekend’s British Downhill Series race at Fort William, practising for the Downhill World Cup. During practice on Sunday she had a huge over the bars on the motorway section and had to miss her race run. The crash happened on one of the big jumps which have recently turned into triples.

Myriam sent the triple, caught her front wheel on the landing and (like a fair few riders) took a trip out the front door. The rumour on the hill was that Myriam broke her collar bone but we haven’t had that confirmed. [Ed – this has now been confirmed via Myriam’s Facebook]

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If that true it’s unlikely she will be racing the Fort William Downhill World Cup on the 7th June, massive healing vibes to Myriam, we hope she’s back in action real soon.

To check out our video from the weekends race, click here. You can also check out our complete collection of 2015 British Downhill Series coverage.

Thanks to’s Keith for the images.

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