In Depth: A chat with test pilot Oli about that eBike video

You’ve seen our test-ride video, now it’s time for a proper, in depth chat about eBikes.

This week we asked “what do you think of ebikes in mountain biking” and then released a video where we sent a fast downhill rider out on one. A week later Jamie met up with Oli at Roll for the Soul in Bristol to have a proper chat about his experience of riding the Haibike nDuro eBike.

Remember – the bike we tested is a “pedal assisted” ebike. There’s no throttle. You pedal and and it boosts the effort you put in up to 16MPH. We’re not chatting about mopeds here!

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We’re pretty new to interview vids so apologies if this one is a bit low-fi!

Remember – we’re using this series to decide the future of eBike content here in Wideopenmag.

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