BIG PICTURE: Kye Forte winter shredding by Ian Lean

Kye Forte mountain bike Devon tabletop nukeproof mega Kye Forte mountain bike Devon footplantBack when we ran a magazine we could run big, beautiful, printed mountain bike photographs for you to feast your eyes on. The best of the best would get a huge double page spread and one very special image would be mounted on the cover – mostly they were from Jacob Gibbins but we also featured Andy Dunwoody, Duncan Philpott and a few others.  We miss that a little bit. We want to bring back the chance to run images for no reason other than because they are bad ass.

Ian sent over these two, shot on a dark and dingy Devon day. We love ’em because they make autumn riding look fun! Both shots feature Kye Forte shredding his local trails down in Devon.

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You can check out more of Ian’s work on his Ian Lean Photography website and from Kye here.