Stronger, Faster: A once-a-day stretch to make you move better

As mountain bikers it’s easy for us to lose flexibility and mobility.

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We spend so much time in the same two positions on the bike that our bodies miss out on all the flexing and bending that we need. Before long, we all end up walking like John Wayne and riding like we’ve got a wooden board up our backs!

Ben at MTBStrengthFactory just fired up this really quick, simple video with a flexibility exercise for mountain bikers. It’s a tip to help us open up some mobility in the hips. It’s called the “baby squat” and is one that you can do for a few minutes every day, with no equipment and you’ll start to see great results – it’s particularly good if you spend all day sat in an office chair!

Let us know how you get on! Want more from Ben? Check out our Stronger Faster series here.