First Look: 2016 Sealskinz Summer Socks and Gloves.

The mighty Sealskinz have launched their 2016 summer collection and we’ve got our hairy mitts on a set of the Dragon Eye Trail Gloves and MTB Mid (with Hydrostop) socks to plough through some Scottish slop.

Web editor Pete Scullion will be putting the latest summer gear from Sealskinz through their paces over the coming months. Scotland is famed for its near-constant precipitation and groundwater, so there should be no problems testing the waterproofing. What we’ll be looking at is whether a waterproof sock and glove should be edging out the usual suspects when the days get longer and temperatures rise.Sealskinz Dragon Eye Trail Gloves Mountain Biking Wideopenmag
Many moons have passed since I first splashed my own cash on a set of Sealskinz socks and I’m happy to report that they are still going strong. My main complaint was that to a point they would do a grand job of keeping my feet dry, and past that point, just do a better job of keeping the water against my feet. The socks I have before me now seem to be sporting additional bells and whistles that should help remedy this issue. This will be my first waterproof glove experience, but I’m not alone when expecting good things from Sealskinz.

Here’s what I’ll be testing over the next few months.

Dragon Eye Trail Glove (Black/Anthracite/Mid Grey) £38.00Sealskinz Dragon Eye Trail Gloves Mountain Biking Wideopenmag

At £38 a pair, cheap these gloves are not, especially with the plethora of cheap offerings on the market. That shouldn’t really be a consideration here as the Sealskinz units are designed to perform like any other MTB glove but keep your hands warm, dry and not sweaty.

I’m looking forward to taking these up high on mountain forays where the air is considerably cooler than at the start point. They’ll also be my wet weather pick regardless of temperature.

Thought has gone into making this glove weatherproof without feeling like a mitten. Yes they’re thicker than most gloves, but the fingers are snug fitting, with a pre-shaped palm cut to sit naturally with your hand. The back panel should do a solid job of keeping the skin on your knuckles if you hit the deck. A suede pad on the thumb deals with the smart-phone lens cleaning and bogey wipes (the former before the latter).

First impressions are of a solid, well-made glove designed for when things aren’t quite as summery as the title might suggest. These will likely pull a good stint through Spring and Autumn as well.

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MTB Mid with Hydrostop (Anthracite/Leaf/Lime) £39.00

Sealskinz MTB Mid with Hydrostop Mountain Biking Wideopenmag

Being a resident of Scotland, these MTB Mid socks might well be on my feet more than they are off them. Even on a hobbit’s set of legs, the mid length offers plenty of cover and meets the base of a set of 3/4 bibs or tights, offering full leg cover if required. The  gripper (Hydrostop) at the opening does make for an interesting final push to getting your foot in but should see water kept out for the duration of your ride.

This sock is aimed at people looking to make the most of the daylight hours, even if the weather isn’t helping matters. The MTB Mid sock is Sealskinz lightest, most breathable MTB sock, specifically designed for those sopping wet summer days.

A contrast to my ancient Sealskinz offerings is the stretchy ‘Stretchdry’ fabric that helps the Hydrostop seal stay put while ensuring your toes don’t pop out the other end. A really nice feature is the Merino wool lining. Fantastic for keeping the sweat out and your feet nice and comfy.

Much like the gloves, cheap they are not, but that really isn’t the point. Hopefully these will do a solid job of keeping my extremities dry over the coming rides. Look out for an in-depth review shortly.

Sealskinz MTB Mid with Hydrostop Mountain Biking Wideopenmag

Check out the Sealskinz homepage here and find your local dealer here.