Abus Granit WBA 100 Ground Anchor

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Don’t trust your garage door. Lock your bikes up securely to something solid. An anchor point is tough, secure and hard to remove.

If you’re serious about bikes – you need to be serious about security. You need a safe place to store your bikes and you need a big, heavy, very good quality lock and something to attach it to.

An anchor point – like the Abus Granit WBA 100 – creates a really solid point to lock bikes to in your home or garage.


  • Sold Secure Gold rated ground anchor
  • Corrosion resistant, 16mm thick hardened steel
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • RRP £84.99

The Abus Granit WBA 100 is a wall or ground anchor for securing bikes in your home or garage. The WBA provides a very secure and very difficult to remove or damage metal loop that you can secure your bikes to with a D-lock or a chain and padlock.

The WBA is rated Sold Secure Gold – an independent rating provided by “Sold Secure” which is a not for profit company. Gold is their highest level of security and is awarded to kit that “offer the highest level of security”. More on that here.

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The Abus anchor mounts to your wall with 4 bolts. Once it’s fitted, it’s fitted. Getting this sucker off would be a pretty mammoth job.

The Abus Granit WBA is held in place with anchor bolts (supplied) which – once in place – are super tough to remove, made tougher by hammering the supplied metal ball bearings into the bolt heads.

The process of installation is fairly straightforward and should take you less than half an hour. You’ll need to drill 4 holes with a 16mm drill bit (not supplied) and a good quality power drill. Just make sure you’re happy with the placement on your wall or floor because once you’ve fitted it, it’s not coming off! Abus advise checking with landlords if you’re installing in rental properties.

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We like the Granit WBA because it’s easy to install, it’s weatherproof for outside use, it folds down flat so can be driven over (great if you’re fitting in a garage or using outside) and it’s suitable for wall or floor use. The metal loop is also big enough to fit two big, beefy chains through so one anchor point can secure a number of bikes saving a bit of cost.

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You’ll need a solid chain and padlock to make use of the anchor. We’re testing the Abus Granit padlock.

So is it secure?

Abus admit that nothing is indestructible and a petrol disc-cutter will chop the metal loop or a chain in under ten minutes. That said, the effort put into the steel is super reassuring. Abus use hardened steel and a process of repeated heating and cooling of the steel to avoid brittleness and make cutting even harder. Removing the Granit WBA from the wall would be really, really tough if you install it correctly (don’t make those holes too big!) and cutting the steel requires some serious power tools and a lot of noise.

If used alongside a high quality lock and chain and some solid security of doors and windows the Granit WBA 100 feels like a really great way to protect your much loved pushbikes. Highly recommended. 

You  can read more on the Abus homepage.

Learn about securing your Strava account here.

The Police also have advice on bike security here.

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All chains aren’t built alike. The Abus 12KS chain is hardened steel, resists cutting and is rated Sold Secure Gold.