First Look: Fizik Monte K:ium Saddle.

Pete has just grabbed this new enduro-specific Fizik Monte K:ium saddle from the guys at Extra UK.

Saddles are a lot to do with personal preference but Fizik have a good history of making great, comfortable perches. Let’s see what this one is all about…

The Fizik Monte saddle series aims to produce a comfortable ride with an extended version of their Tailflex technology for a balance between comfort, positioning and power delivery. Pete will be putting the Monte K:ium through the mill over the coming months to see what makes an ‘enduro’ saddle different to the rest.Fizik Monte K:ium Saddle Enduro

Saddles are a funny one. Many might not even take the stock one off their new bike, regardless of gender, for some mad reason. For reason known only to mother nature, I’ve got a very delicate undercarriage and if the saddle isn’t right, then it leads to all sorts of problems. While anybody can extol the virtues of a saddle, if it doesn’t fit, then you won’t sit.

Are we sitting comfortably?

Fizik seem to have covered the bases at least with this Monte K:ium saddle and going off previous experience with their offerings, this one should be good for long days in the saddle.

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The Monte saddles, once you’ve read between the rather OTT marketing spiel on the Fizik site is designed for (they say) “enduro”. What that means in the real World is a light, tough and comfortable saddle that is great for getting the hammer down when you’ve the seat up and not too much of a lump at the same time.

An extended version of Fizik’s ‘Tailflex’ ensures you can perch yourself atop it all day, but also move about on the saddle for the best fit and power transfer. The pressure relief channel takes any unwanted weight of the important bits.

The body is made of carbon fibre re-inforced nylon mated to the K:ium alloy rail. Black Microtex makes up the main portion of the saddle cover, while the sides are a Black Cordura affair. Weight is a not-too-daft 230g.Fizik Monte K:ium Saddle EnduroCheck out the Fizik homepage or head to Extra’s Fizik dealer locator to find out where you can buy one in the UK.

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