Old Skool x New School | Tom Ritchey x The Bicycle Academy.

Tom Ritchey joined the guys at The Bicycle Academy to pass on his decades of frame building experience onto a very keen set of riders.

If you don’t know who Tom Ritchey is then you need to do your homework. Back at the birth of mountain biking, Tom was the guy who actually made metal tubes into bikes.

This was the first in an upcoming series of ‘Old Skool x New School​’ events created by The
Bicycle Academy. A collaboration between the legends of the framebuilding world and the
new wave of frame builders creating the future of bicycle making.

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The man, the myth, the legend that is Tom Ritchey, welder extraordinaire and The Bicycle Academy’s main man Andrew Denham ready to do some welding. Photo by Adam Gasson.
The Bicycle Academy team had mitred up tubing from a design for a bike that Tom would weld and ride later in the event. Photo by Adam Gasson.
If these hands could talk. Tom Ritchey doing what he does best. Photo by Adam Gasson.
Tools of the trade. Photo by Adam Gasson.
The man at work. Photo by Adam Gasson.
The bike, handbuilt in an afternoon by Tom, and he added dirt the following afternoon. Photo by James Hoppe.

If you need to do your homework, and find out who Tom Ritchey is, then head to his Mountain Bike Hall of Fame page here.

If you want to learn more about The Bicycle Academy and frame building then head over to their site, here.