DarkFest | Shaping Up | Behind the Scenes with Eric Palmer.

Sam Reynolds has returned to the Pure Darkness jumps in South Africa with Nico Vink and Clemens Kaudela to take things to the next level.

Building on the Pure Darkness work from 2016, Sam, Nico and Clemens to sculpt the jumps that will bring the madness at this year’s DarkFEST. Nico and Clemens are the boys when it comes to crafting massive jumps with a digger. Eric Palmer sent over part 3, featuring Aggy and Kurt Sorge for our delectation.

Week 3 at the Darkest jumps in Africa has seen all the final touches come together and things are ready to go for all the boys!

The weather played around with us again this week, so when the sun was out so were the rakes, spades and diggers! On the down days they went out to practice their surfing skills some more and ended up doing some surprise shark spotting.

There was a big trailer camper at the bottom and seeing that there were way too many people it was a perfect opportunity for some more living space. It was a little worse for wear, but the boys did a good job welding things up and getting her ready for the journey up to the top.

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The riders started to arrive this week, another good test session went down and some of the boys had a got at the step up, but the bottom of the bombhole was a bit spongy and killed the speed too much & no one managed to clear it, a bit more sun & she should be ready for some proper action!

Ethan found an unattended moto and took it for a spin on the new long and low line & was soon going through the whole line easily & sending some greasy whips on the last big booter. That got the stoke up seeing how fun & good it looked! Can’t wait for the DH bikes to send it!

Aggy and Sorge landed straight to a mission to the Knysna Elephant Sanctuary where the guys got to feed and interact with the giants. Looks like these guys don’t do anything small!

All the riders are here now and after a heavy rain the jumps are a little muddy, so a little cleaning is needed again, but the sun is blazing, so the dirt should be nice and tacky and perfect to work with.

In the next day or two the fun will get kicked up a gear, everyone is so excited and a little scared, but will soon make friends with these monsters! DarkFEST is ON!

Big thanks to Eric Palmer for bringing us this sneak peak of what goes into building some of the biggest mountain bike jumps on the planet. Keep your eyes peeled for more!