Bike Park Wales gets a new trail | “Popty Ping”

Our favourite South Wales bike park, Bike Park Wales, just launched their new trail.

The new trails is graded ‘blue plus’ and is called Popty Ping.

Welsh for microwave ‘Popty Ping’ “features a series of progressive table top jumps as well as smooth flowing berms to carve”.

It’s designed for – they say – “intermediate” riders meaning it’s a good shout for anyone that’s already nailed the blue trails like Melted Welly and want to step up their jumping skills. Blue trails are generally smooth but with some obstacles such as rocks and roots – Blue ‘plus’ seems to just be a step up from that but without any of the more techy features you’d find in a red.

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The trail is half a km long and starts from the same point as Hot Stepper – meaning anyone not on the uplift can drop in without having to make the full climb to the top of the hill. Bonus good news!

There’s more info on Bike Park Wales’ trails here and on all things BPW here.

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