Shimano Tweedlove Festival Video Round-Up.

The 2017 Shimano Tweedlove Festival had something for everyone, regardless of age, ability or discipline. Whether enduro, road or cross you wanted, it was all on tap.

Catch up on all the action from one of the biggest cycling festivals in the UK with the official videos below.

Love Cross

The most hilarious race in the TweedLove programme didn’t disappoint this year! Thrills, spills, beer barrels, water pistols and a whole lotta of fun! The course kept the riders on their toes from start to finish and the pesky kids at “Water Pistol Alley” provided mid race refreshments for all!

TweedLove Love Cross 2017 from TweedLove Bike Festival on Vimeo.

Odlo Glentress Seven

This is the event that draws the riders in. Far less hectic than the enduro races in terms of technicality and certainly more about churning out the laps, Glentress Seven gets the legs and lungs burning.

Odlo TweedLove Glentress Seven 2017 from TweedLove Bike Festival on Vimeo.

G-Form Enjoyro

With Vallelujah and the Shimano International Enduro aimed at those wanting a hefty distance with some challenging stages, Enjoyro stepped in for those wanting something to cut their teeth on.

G-Form Enjoyro at TweedLove 2017 from TweedLove Bike Festival on Vimeo.

Islabikes Family Day

If the kids aren’t happy, then Mum and Dad won’t be able to go racing. Islabikes presented the Family Day at Tweedlove that meant everyone was catered for and happy to be out on their bikes!

Islabikes Family Day at TweedLove 2017 from TweedLove Bike Festival on Vimeo.

Keep an eye out for the 2018 event schedule which you can keep track of on the Tweedlove website.

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