We just rode the D’Oz Enduro (because racing the Mega wasn’t enough…)

Our mate Lewis Bradley just raced the D’Oz enduro – a 3 stage enduro held as part of the Mega Avalanche week.

Video and words by Lewis Bradley

“For only €20, you got to race 3 totally blind stages on the Oz area before finishing with food, music and most importantly…A beer!

Both stage 1 and 3 had the same starting point but would finishing i different areas, they were long and physical stages that were over 15 minutes long! It was easy to get lost or make a mistake.

Stage 2 was an old-school downhill track, the top was just a boulder field! The lower section was pretty tough with lots of pedalling over the ski pistes, this stage was also about 10 minutes long!

After finishing the race, you were greeted to some great food, music but most importantly a beer! This is where everyone discussed their runs and had some rest before departing back to their hotels.

I was pretty chuffed to come 10th in my category and was happy to see most of the brits do well too!”

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