Innes Graham Needs Your Help!

We’re big fans of Innes Graham here at Wideopenmag, not only one of the raddest riders, he’s a dab hand on the other side of the lens too.

After taking a hiatus from racing bikes, Innes turned to his talents behind a lens. While out in Barcelona filming, he had his entire camera gear stolen. His pals have started a Crowdfund to help replace his kit.

We had a quick chat with the man himself.

Low key af. #portrait #blackandwhite

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When did you realise your gear had been lifted?

We’d spent the evening of our second last day in Barcelona up a viewpoint looking over the full city. A couple beers each and just general good times, once the sun had starting disappearing behind the horizon we thought we’d call it a day and boosted back into town on the bikes, searching for a quick place to grab some nosh.

We found a fairly decent looking burger bar so the 6 of us sat down after ordering and enjoyed a relaxed half hour or so chatting and eating dinner, about 5 minutes before leaving I get up and go to look under my chair for the camera bag, mildly surprised it to not be under my chair as that’s where I put it.. I casually ask the crew who has the camera bag and they all look back as if to say “not any of us?”

As lads do though, I assumed they were taking the piss, so I shrug it off and ask again.. at this point they start to stand up a look about. It was only then that my heart sunk and I knew the worst had really happened…

So far so good ✌🏻 Lunch stop (if you could resist the ledges) for the crew out here in #Barcelona

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Were you shooting at the time?

Not exactly but I had updated my camera gear specifically for this holiday to start filming for a Bmx shop based in Aberdeen called 20Twenty and we were in the middle of collecting footage.

What got pinched?

Practically my full camera equipment ranging from my two camera bodies (Canon 7D and 7D MKii), a range of lenses, multiple memory cards, my tripod and steadicam. General accessories along with my wallet and other daily belongings that were also in the bag.

Where can people see your work?

The easiest and most common place I share photography work is through Instagram.

I am still to create an online portfolio but as my goals of photograph taking expand and grow to a larger scale I feel like this is my next step!

@chriss_wallace | Casual warm ups | @cauldcrew | #CLDBCN

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Who started the Crowdfunder?

My good friend Storm (yes, that’s his name) was straight on it with the idea, he’s used it before for a similar cause and again had some great feedback so once we’d spoken to insurance etc we decided it was an acceptable option to reach out to the general public for help too.

Do you have any trips planned or is it all on hold?

Not as of yet! I’ve been away from the MTB world for a wee while now, and I feel it’s what I need after doing my femur back in July last year. A change of perspective and a few outlook on bikes had been great for me. I am working full time and riding BMX is something a mix into that life. Another filming trip will be happening as soon as the kit has been replaced however!

You can make a donation to the Crowdfunder to get Innes back doing what he does best, here.

Why not check out his work over on his Instagram page here?

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