GoPro Drops Staff, Karma Drones and Open to Sale.

News arrived last week that GoPro would be cutting it’s Karma drones and the staff associated with them, while looking to potentially sell up.

After failing to match Apple’s ability to produce new products that send people into a frenzy with the recent Hero camera, and a fairly disastrous launch of their Karma drone, GoPro’s profits fell below even their own pessimistic predictions for the festive season.

The Karma drone very quickly appeared to be not the finished article, very quickly suffering a power loss recall, but its release was also timed poorly to coincide with the much better DJI offering.

GoPro CEO has had his pay cut to $1 amid the restructure, and has indicated that while they’re not shopping, they would be open to a sale to a larger company to help grow the business.

For the full scoop on GoPro leaving the drone business, staff cuts and a potential sale head over to The Verge’s website here.

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